Did you know?

Ping-Pong® is a BRAND. In fact, it is a Federally Registered Trademark.
The trademark is owned by Indian Industries dba Escalade Sports.

Ping-Pong is not a game, or a type of equipment. It is not correct to say "ping pong balls" or "a game of ping pong".

The Sport is TABLE TENNIS. The owners of the Ping-Pong brand encourage you to...Respect the Sport!

Why Table Tennis?

Anyone can play
  • Players of all ages, genders, sizes, and strengths can enjoy playing TT.
Has many health and developmental benefits
  • TT is highly aerobic, uses both upper and lower body, is great for hand eye coordination, and reflexes.
Promotes both family and social interaction
  • Unlike video gaming, TT requires real human interaction and teaches sportsmanship and healthy competition.
TT is affordable
  • Compared to other sports, TT has a relatively low cost to participate.

Fun Facts

Quick Reaction - Players hit the ball at speeds of over 100 mph while spinning at over 10,000 rpms.
Second Largest Sport - TT is the second most participated sport in the world with over 10 million competitive participants.
Best Brain Sport - TT has been dubbed "The Best Brain Sport" because of the mental challenge of the game.
Increases Hand-Eye Coordination - TT is used by many other professional athletes to warm-up and to increase hand-eye coordination.
TT is an Olympic Sport.

Table Tennis Tables

  • The thicker the top, the more consistent and better the ball will bounce.
  • One-inch tops are the tournament standard.
  • The larger the apron, the more support to help prevent warping.
  • Larger legs can help increase stability.
  • Larger casters/wheels make it easier to move the table especially over rough surfaces.
  • Outdoor tops are a composite material with aluminum surfaces to withstand the elements.
  • Outdoor tables have galvanized hardware to prevent rusting.
  • Outdoor tables can be used indoors but indoor tables cannot be used outdoors.


A racket consists of the "blade", the core which has handles and sponge/rubber attached to it.
More expensive rackets have much better rubber that provides more spin and control and will last longer than less expensive rackets.
3 star balls are perfectly round and more durable than 1 star balls, which provides a more consistent bounce.
Outdoor balls are heavier to minimize wind resistance and ar also more durable than 1 star or 3 star balls.

Respect the Sport

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